Young Beginner Classes

A very good place to start

Pre School Dancing Bears

Friday 1pm – 1.45pm

Lots of exercise, singing and dancing using toys and props nurturing a love of music and movement Mums, dads and carers join in too so wear something comfortable.

Our 3-6 year old dancers follow the Leap’N Learn programme

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Choose the best for your child

Don’t settle when it comes to your child’s dance education. Leap ‘N Learn studios excel at teaching creative movement and ballet based in education. All licensed dance studios go through thorough training and monthly check-ins to produce the best dance teachers around and to maintain the highest quality of teaching for young students. If you walk into any Leap ‘N Learn studio, you’ll see that these dance classes are welcoming environments that encourage effort and creativity, which brings out only the most positive side of dance. Our proven dance theories from master dance teacher Beverly Spell and child psychologist Dr. Annie Spell will keep your young dancers happy and learning.

If you enroll your child in this dance program, get ready to see their face light up with joy as they get moving and learning! They will be so excited to go to dance class every week and to come home and show you what they’ve learned. Students in a Leap ‘N Learn program don’t just copy a teacher’s movement, but through education-based teaching adapted to fit each appropriate age-level, they actually learn and understand creative movement and ballet concepts. Trust us, you’ll be proud.

What is Leap ‘N Learn?

Leap ‘N Learn is an effective, safe, progressive, and developmentally appropriate dance program for creative movement to beginning ballet. The curriculum combine the healthiest practices for teaching children ballet technique, while simultaneously encouraging pretend play among the youngest students to maintain a positive and nurturing environment.

Capitalizing on the naturally occurring cognitive and neural development of children, the Leap ‘N Learn curriculum provides tools and shares knowledge necessary for the creation of a successful learning environment. Through an appreciation and utilization of natural development, students in a Leap ‘N Learn program will acquire motor, cognitive, and social skills beneficial for life.

Leap ‘N Learn teaches children to learn the basics of classroom behavior and manners, which include learning how to take turns, following another dancer or leading the way, waiting patiently, working together with others, and having a positive attitude.

young children dancing with scarves

Nursery school dancers Tuesday 4pm – 4.45pm or Wednesday 4pm – 4.45pm (including Tap)


Reception class dancers Monday 4pm – 4.45pm or Wednesday 4pm – 4.45pm (including Tap)


Year 1 dancers Tuesday 4pm – 5pm ( including Tap)


Year 2 dancers Monday 4pm – 4.45pm Modern Jazz . 4.45pm – 5.30pm Tap . 5.30pm – 6.15pm Ballet


Just give us a call on 07901872240 and your first visit is free.