Many thanks to Diana Fairweather Purkis for organizing the recent ballet championships. It isn’t always easy to organize this type of event and everyone at Marron understands the hard work that goes into making a success of the day. Huge thanks must also go to Miss Lauren Calderbank who shared her wisdom and passion for Ballet¬†throughout the day. A hard working adjudicator, Miss Calderbank took every opportunity to give feedback in a constructive and informative manner. ¬†And now to the MTA team, wow well done guys your hard work and dedication paid off on the day and the staff at the centre are very proud. The results were as follows,

Charlotte, Georgia, Ellie, Sophie and Lana danced beautifullyimage 3

Taylor Robson reached the Junior Semi Final

Robyn Vine was Runner Up in the Infant section and Freya Burdon Watson won the Infant title

Evie Wilkinson was Runner Up In the Junior section and Megan Little won the Junior title

Abigail Tildesley was 4th in the Senior section and Jennifer Little was the Senior Runner Up.




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