Fees & Guidelines


Our classes run for 42 weeks of the year with 10 weeks of holiday which are broadly in line with the education calendar. The weekly cost of class is multiplied by 42 and then divided into 12 equal monthly payments for ease of administration. Fees are due on the first of every month regardless of attendance.

Monthly Membership Fees

1 class per week £14

2 classes per week £28

3 classes per week £42

4 or more classes per week £45


We have a direct debit scheme which will be e mailed to you upon enrollment


• Fees are payable regardless of absence.
• Fees are payable in advance of partaking in classes.
• Discounts are only available on our monthly standing order schemes.
• Please see our website www.marrontheatrearts.co.uk for full terms and conditions.
• Participation in class is deemed to be acceptance of these terms and conditions.
Many thanks for your custom.


It is recommended that boys and girls study as many of the subjects on offer as possible in order to give them the best grounding in performing arts. Ballet is the basis of all dance forms and is therefore particularly important for strength and grace. We have a strict policy of completing each level of achievement before moving onto the next in order to keep the students safe and at ease. A student who is out of their depth will soon become disengaged and as a result unhappy in class. Please feel free to discuss your child’s progress with a member of staff.


Exams are offered in ballet, tap, modern jazz, theatre craft and musical theatre through the International Dance Teachers Association. All children are encouraged to enter exams as they are of benefit to the child’s development and a good indicator of progress. It is usual for pupils to take 1 exam per subject per year. Pupils will be informed when they are ready to begin a course of coaching exam classes. A course of extra lessons are offered to provide additional coaching before an exam is taken. This ensures that all pupils are fully prepared and feel confident and at ease. Parents are encouraged to watch this class so that they can help their child practise at home.


We have two school productions every year, one in May and one in December. These events always create a lot of excitement in the school and all pupils are encouraged to take part. There is always room for backstage helpers too so you don’t have to put on a costume to be part of the buzz.


This company is for pupils of every age who wish to progress to the professional stage. Students work tirelessly in all theatre subjects towards I.D.T.A. examinations, professional productions and nationwide festivals. Our past pupils are performing all over the world and our current pupils are constantly in demand for professional productions. Not for the feint hearted this course is aiming for the highest standards of performance achievable. Places are limited so entrance is by audition, fee information upon successful application.


Parents should wait in the cafe area when collecting their children. Young children will be brought to parents at the end of their lesson. If a young child is not collected on time then a teacher will take the child back into class until the parent arrives. Please note that it is the responsibility of the parent to supervise students when they are not in the studio.

Please change in the changing rooms provided and take all valuables into class. MTA does not accept responsibility for student’s belongings. Please make sure that all dance shoes/skirts and clothing are named. Lost property will be placed in the reception booth for collection at a later date.

Eating and drinking
Please do not bring food to class. Students and customers are welcome to eat in the café area but please clear away any rubbish into the litter bins provided. Water only is allowed in class.

Responsible Behaviour
Please talk to your child about behaving sensibly and responsibly while in the building. Please treat the building with respect – don’t leave litter or cause damage in any way. Wait quietly between lessons.

Preparation before class
Please ensure that your child is properly prepared for class with the correct uniform, hair in a ballet bun and having been to the toilet. Older students should arrive 30 minutes before class for warm up.